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How Do I Become the Next Vidal Sassoon?


It seems that the reality TV world we live in today provides many people with their 15 minutes of fame but few with the lifelong status of being recognized as a game changer or shift master.

Most of us won’t do the due diligence of self-invention like Vidal Sassoon did including some difficult tasks such as learning to speak “proper English” in a manner that was inviting, enthralling and over many years respected.  It was not just his vision and hairdressing skills that made him the Icon we all admire; it was his charismatic approach and authentic style that forced people to follow him.  Sassoon said it best, “if you don’t share your knowledge, you lose it.”   My other favorite quotes include “When the student is ready the master (or teacher) appears.” Buddhist  Proverb,  or finally Bruce Lee’s ,  “a teacher must never impose this student to fit his favorite pattern, a good teacher functions as a pointer; exposing his students vulnerability and causing him to explore both internally and finally integrating himself with his being”

If you can answer the questions, “why you want to become and educator, platform artist or speaker” and you are willing to do the work, attend the trainings and develop your personal brand of authenticity then you have as good a chance as any to become the next iconic person, I can’t promise that you will become the next leader like Vidal Sassoon, but here is the opportunity to attend the STAGES program that can bring you closer to developing that version of you,  who is inviting, respected and authentically mastering the art of authentic speaking.

Let’s take his legacy to the next STAGE……

Yes, I am a Hairstylist; No I’m not a number!

blog # 5 imageAt a friend’s grad party the other night, I was talking to some gals and the subject went to hair. Well, of course, I shared my professional opinion and they asked, “Do you do hair?” We all know what proceeds next… “What do you think about my hair?” or “How does this work?” or the horror stories begin. Now, as a licensed cosmetologist, I understand my role of advising, the professional recommendation and, of course, the power of referral since I don’t work in a salon. But the conversation was interesting, as usual.

Cindy’s stylist (Gina) was moving out of state, and she had been going to Gina for three years at the same salon. Knowing the departure of her stylist and liking the salon for its convenience she finally called the salon to schedule an appointment post-Gina. She explained who she had seen and requested a new stylist. They in turn offered her a level 2, 3,4 or 5 stylist. Listen carefully as here was Cindy’s response to me about this marketing approach that may serve the internal growth and hierarchy of a salon strategy but not necessarily the consumer /client. Cindy said to me, “I don’t know what my stylist was– maybe a 3–but I don’t think I can afford a 5 and what if the 2 screws up my hair?”

Now there is nothing wrong with a level system of stylist’s experience and service prices and of course I am hearing this story from one side, the client’s side. Needless to say, the story did not end there. She selected a stylist that she believes was a 2 but thinks was promoted as a 3 because when left up to the clients, her wallet made the decision. She went in to have her usual color and cut. “I asked for more blond since it had been three months vs. my usual six week visit,” Cindy told me. “She left me under the dyer for 45 minutes to do a haircut which I watched and she never checked on me once. I finally grabbed someone to check my hair because Gina had never put me under the dryer with color and it seemed like a really long time. My end results were not good, my hair had dark brown stripes and not as much blond as I had hoped, so I had to come back the next day for her to fix it. I was not offered another stylist but I did not have to pay for the redo either and it’s better now.” Cindy and I ended the conversation with her asking “Who does your hair and can you recommend someone to me?”

I am certain not one salon is in a position to lose a faithful 6 week client of cut and color on top of losing a good stylist who has moved. And I am sure many of you have procedures in place for new clients or keeping clients once a stylist leaves.

Let me hear from you.


Brand Moments

When you work from a home office and your only employees are the ones in the mirror staring back at you and not salon mirror, you find ways to socially interact with the world, hence my Thursday morning meeting with the working world at Starbucks.   I find the conversations and inaudible chatter a fresh reprieve for me; it does feel like my days in the salon, movement, energy and good people watching. 

While standing in line 12 people deep, I noticed the coffee brand called “Indivisible Blend”, the tag line reads “Americans Helping Americans Create Jobs”.  I have been listening to the political agendas of our supposed country leaders for weeks now and here in Starbucks was a message I could align with.  Buy a pound of coffee and proceeds will go to a fund ( to help create jobs for USA, simple right… ……  I like coffee, I am an American, I want more people to have jobs so our economy will improve and people can spend more money on beauty products and services.

All good reasons to invest, Key word here…INVEST.  I invested in a bag of coffee and felt good in that moment.. I felt that I contributed and that I do have a choice and a voice… especially on caffeine.

So what is your message of the week or month that you are sharing with your clients that has them align with you or your business and maybe even a cause?It doesn’t have to be one style or product or master tagline, there can be many bags of “coffee” with some other message on it. Brand messaging is about creating connections, being consistent, and engaging your clients with timely promotions and opportunities that create an emotional response to you and your business.

Brand Moment Idea- Share with me your greatest brand moment or promotion that clients were excited about and wanted to invest with you?


I’m a Master Educator…Right?

I’m a Master Educator… Right?

I picked up my iPad the other night and what was on the screen was “how to style your hair”. My 13 year old son, who is aware that I am a hairdresser and I am the only person who has cut his hair his entire life, was looking up how to use product and style his hair on You Tube. Being sensitive to his age demographic and that my opinion does not really count. Instead of asking him why didn’t you ask me on how to style your hair, I instead asked him what he learned? He said,” I need spray gel, hairspray and pomade to do my hair right”.

What! ….who is this master educator of product, selling my son over $50 of retail items in a matter of 3 minutes. I must sign this person to my agency… today.

So I previewed the video along with a dozen others he produced; only to find out he is not a hairdresser but was a master at styling his own hair and promoting products of all types. Now I can only assume that at one point a hairdresser shared this info with him, however… his demonstration, product knowledge and results were extremely effective and a big aha moment for me.

How can we better communicate with our clients as a show and share not sell and tell. I am convinced clients are interested in how to do their hair and what secrets (or products) will make their life easier, their hair more lustrous and their confidence of knowing a good hair day is not negotiable. Any product will work, we know that, we are the pros; it’s our ability to better communicate as the master educator and expert in our careers. That is what will raise the level of our profession and encourage more respect and what the heck….sell more products!

Show and Share Branding Method

  1. BE yourself, how would you share this technique or products with your BFF
  2. U are the expert in all things beauty
  3. Use your senses… Talk about why you like it, why it works, Confirm they See the results, Touch it, smell it , although I don’t recommend you have them taste it, what words, special techniques or actions can you use to connect them to wanting it so bad ….they can taste it! Whatever “it” is get them excited to buy.

Now share with me when and how you introduce new techniques, products and promotions to your client during the service?

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